Temple of Garnoth

To the Moathouse

recorded by Faylinn

Our most recent adventures have been a bit strange. Upon leaving Hommlet for the moathouse, we stopped once more into Jaroo’s grove for more precise directions. I confess with some chagrin that though he is clearly a kind soul, I continue to find his manner somewhat trying. Of course, I feel even more ungrateful for this unkind evaluation after his most generous parting gift: 15G worth of foxglove, dragonsbane, and bogmyrtle. (I now have enough herbs for more than double the number of nature-based rituals I was able to perform with my original cache.) Upon leaving the grove, we headed up the road until we crossed a small path running to our left. Following Jaroo’s most recent direction, we turned onto the path, following it until we spotted the moathouse. The place itself was in terrible disrepair, and it was situated in a very foul-smelling bog. Most disconcerting, however, was the almost complete lack of indication that there were any occupants. Our party heard no voices, nor did we see any footsteps or scattered belongings. Finally, Fancy Pants, who had scouted ahead, saw two leather-clad soldiers walking toward a large pair of inner doors. For now, our party has only been able to assume these doors lead to the innards of the moathouse, and that this must be where the massing army is camped. I say assume, because we have not yet had an opportunity to find out, as Rathmine and I were beset upon as we took to the drawbridge. Although FP and K had scouted ahead and pronounced all clear, they certainly could not have been expected to see the giant frog creatures that emerged from the moat (at least presumably). They were not particularly difficult to dispatch, but they have halted our party’s progress toward the inner sections of the building. As for the creatures themselves, I cannot profess having come across them in any of my prior studies. Still, given how unintelligent and easily defeated they were, I do not yet feel any major gaps in my training have been revealed.


[...] though he is clearly a kind soul, I continue to find his manner somewhat trying [...]

Hah! I love it!

To the Moathouse

During the aforementioned encounter, it becomes apparent that when we are in battle we should maybe take the time to analyze our enemy. Those frog creatures were quite dodgy and fast maybe we should attack similar enemies with more forceful or insightful attacks?

To the Moathouse

The path leading up to the moat house was like Faylinn said rather unnerving. The trail barely more than a game trail for several miles. It began brushy and heavily wooded on both sides (Tree top ambush would be very easy here). Then the trees gave way and it became more swamp like. Importantly there was a small stream that began to run along the trail. It is this stream that became the moat. And foul smelling and fairly deep. Though the current was not strong thankfully. Fancy Pants and I were able, to gain access to the outer courtyard via a collapsed wall. The encounter of Frogs was unfortunate but we were victorious. We really need to get Rathmine to regain his confidence. He seems as though he once was a great fighter, but he has yet to unleash this in a battle. I truly hope that there are no more than a handful of occupants, since surprise is not on our side anymore.

To the Moathouse
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