Temple of Garnoth


SO the conclusion(??) of the second day in the moat house. After deftly dispatching the froggies we stalked into the keep. Flashypants in the lead we slowly scanned and scouted out three rooms rubble, kitchen , quarters. After a little discussion and inpatients from certain people we developed a shall we say plan of attack. Since we basically came to the conclusion that anyone who heard or will hear us has heard us already. So the smash and shoot technique was adopted. Rathmine bashes in the doors with artillery backup. Faylinn provided ‘fire’ power and with Flashpants and my own sharp marksmanship we felt fairly confident. So upon exploring the first level we found several trinkets of nominal value, as well as some fine cloth.

Finally we tested our selves with the one locked doule door in the antechamber. Some fine handy work by our resident locksmith and the door was opened. Though low and behold there was a squad of gaurds waiting. One leader and four foot soldiers. Using cover and our newly developed artillery plan we leveled the forces in mere minutes. The leader was no match for Flashypants’ blinding barrage, or Rathmine’s sweeping strike. My own attempt to finish the battle was elegant yet unsucessful I will try again though point blank shots on blinded enemies will work I say.

SO with that accomplished we now must deside to either saunter on into deep darker realms or retreat to Homlette and update the forces there. My concerns are for Faylinn, she has become almost battle crazed and blood thirsty. I fear that this will not bode well for any of us. Time will tell.

To the Moathouse
recorded by Faylinn

Our most recent adventures have been a bit strange. Upon leaving Hommlet for the moathouse, we stopped once more into Jaroo’s grove for more precise directions. I confess with some chagrin that though he is clearly a kind soul, I continue to find his manner somewhat trying. Of course, I feel even more ungrateful for this unkind evaluation after his most generous parting gift: 15G worth of foxglove, dragonsbane, and bogmyrtle. (I now have enough herbs for more than double the number of nature-based rituals I was able to perform with my original cache.) Upon leaving the grove, we headed up the road until we crossed a small path running to our left. Following Jaroo’s most recent direction, we turned onto the path, following it until we spotted the moathouse. The place itself was in terrible disrepair, and it was situated in a very foul-smelling bog. Most disconcerting, however, was the almost complete lack of indication that there were any occupants. Our party heard no voices, nor did we see any footsteps or scattered belongings. Finally, Fancy Pants, who had scouted ahead, saw two leather-clad soldiers walking toward a large pair of inner doors. For now, our party has only been able to assume these doors lead to the innards of the moathouse, and that this must be where the massing army is camped. I say assume, because we have not yet had an opportunity to find out, as Rathmine and I were beset upon as we took to the drawbridge. Although FP and K had scouted ahead and pronounced all clear, they certainly could not have been expected to see the giant frog creatures that emerged from the moat (at least presumably). They were not particularly difficult to dispatch, but they have halted our party’s progress toward the inner sections of the building. As for the creatures themselves, I cannot profess having come across them in any of my prior studies. Still, given how unintelligent and easily defeated they were, I do not yet feel any major gaps in my training have been revealed.

A tour of Hommlet (day3)
recorded by Tazeall

So after two days of uneventful travel we arrived in Hommlet. A quaint town still on the small side but larger then Teshwave. With several amenities including of course the Inn of the Welcoming Wench. After a day of scaring the towns folk with stories of murder mayhem and highway robbery (I will defiantly have to talk to people about this). We settled in for the night. As for the townsfolk they were fairly forthcoming about what happened at the [[Temple of Garnoth\\ 23 years ago. Although the stories seemed to be slightly inconsistent, but as memories and tales go one can decipher what to expect. Very intriguing to say the least was finding a ‘temple’ to Silvanus. The caretaker (Jaruu) seemed a very well learned man a tune the ways of the forest and obviously well respected by his village peers. The information we gained from him regarding the temple, the moat house, and the village itself was very helpful. Still need to reel in Faylinn, she can be just a little too adventurous, and out going. Caution is a lesson she needs to learn. Rathmine was quite quite for the last few days….. Flashypants it seemed did a reconnaissance of the village and I will have to discuss what he has gleamed and found to be insightful.

Adventuring Day 1
recorded by Tazeall

Day 1 by T

So watch over Faylinn huh? What have I gotten myself into. Well simple enough to make an apointment to see a wizard at somepoint in the next century, but now she (we) are off following this big oaf and half size dancing sailor. Could be worse Faylyn could invite people to rob us.. oh wait…. Well anyway so Rathmine (the aforementioned oaf( probably, hopefully less so when sober and awake)) slobbering drunk and tripping over himslef needed a halfling to save him from drowning in a puddle. But atleast he had a well planned story to tell. Ambushed and running for his life, my my. But intriguing to Faylinn I guess and well how can you keep a flshypanted halfling away from adventure? So we deside upon hearing some local gossip (men in dark robes acting seedy and all) to set out for Homlette, a rag tag group If I ever saw one. So first night out, simple camp, and what happens? “Hello there”, I mean it’s the middle of the night for gods sake. Any way long story short well shorter than 6 minutes, Flashpants is able to hold his own better than expected for a little fella, Rathmine can take a beating like no other (hopefully he can deal one too), Faylinn has studied better than I expected, and I well, lets just hope this doesn’t become a pattern. Things to remember from tonight, the hooded men are possibly up to something good /evil unknown but most likely not good. The highwayman and his two gaurds were definatly looking for something this eve. Was it us? Well we can’t ask them now can we? Atleast this won’t be boring.

OOC General battle note for our party, Flashypants is awesome when he can flank an enemy , wizards aren’t usless (that one will take forever to remember), Shift does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

Drakes(gaurd lizards) seem to have apx 45hp AC15 The Bandit… Could be about the same.. Difficult to tell.

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