Temple of Garnoth

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The first log of this adventure is …........ Elm

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

Wait no changed my mind its …............... Yew!!!!!

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

Arrrgh. Bad puns! Super powers weakening… Most ignore them!

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

So watch over Faylinn huh? What have I gotten myself into. Well simple enough to make an apointment to see a wizard at somepoint in the next century, but now she (we) are off following this big oaf and half size dancing sailor. Could be worse Faylyn could invite people to rob us.. oh wait…. Well anyway so Rathmine (the aformentioned oaf( probley, hopefully less so when sober and awake)) slobbering drunk and tripping over himslef needed a halfling to save him from drowning in a puddle. But atleast he had a well planned story to tell. Ambushed and running for his life, my my. But intreguing to Faylinn I guess and well how can you keep a flshypanted halfling away from adventure? So we deside upon hearing some local gossip (men in dark robes acting seedy and all) to set out for Homlette, a rag tag group If I ever saw one. So first night out, simple camp, and what happens? “Hello there”, I mean it’s the middle of the night for gods sake. Any way long story short well shorter than 6 minutes, Flashpants is able to hold his own better than expected for a little fella, Rathmine can take a beating like no other (hopefully he can deal one too), Faylinn has studdied better than I expected, and I well, lets just hope this doesn’t become a pattern. Things to remember from tonight, the hooded men are possibly up to something good /evil unknown but most likely not good. The highwayman and his two gaurds were definatly looking for something this eve. Was it us? Well we can’t ask them now can we? Atleast this won’t be boring.

OOC General battle note for our party, Flashypants is awesome when he can flank an enemy , wizards aren’t usless (that one will take forever to remember), Shift does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

_Drakes(gaurd lizards) seem to have apx 45hp AC15 The Bandit… Could be about the same.. Difficult to tell._

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

well that didn’t format right…............

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

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Welcome to your Adventure Log!

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