Temple of Garnoth


SO the conclusion(??) of the second day in the moat house. After deftly dispatching the froggies we stalked into the keep. Flashypants in the lead we slowly scanned and scouted out three rooms rubble, kitchen , quarters. After a little discussion and inpatients from certain people we developed a shall we say plan of attack. Since we basically came to the conclusion that anyone who heard or will hear us has heard us already. So the smash and shoot technique was adopted. Rathmine bashes in the doors with artillery backup. Faylinn provided ‘fire’ power and with Flashpants and my own sharp marksmanship we felt fairly confident. So upon exploring the first level we found several trinkets of nominal value, as well as some fine cloth.

Finally we tested our selves with the one locked doule door in the antechamber. Some fine handy work by our resident locksmith and the door was opened. Though low and behold there was a squad of gaurds waiting. One leader and four foot soldiers. Using cover and our newly developed artillery plan we leveled the forces in mere minutes. The leader was no match for Flashypants’ blinding barrage, or Rathmine’s sweeping strike. My own attempt to finish the battle was elegant yet unsucessful I will try again though point blank shots on blinded enemies will work I say.

SO with that accomplished we now must deside to either saunter on into deep darker realms or retreat to Homlette and update the forces there. My concerns are for Faylinn, she has become almost battle crazed and blood thirsty. I fear that this will not bode well for any of us. Time will tell.


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