Temple of Garnoth

A tour of Hommlet (day3)

recorded by Tazeall

So after two days of uneventful travel we arrived in Hommlet. A quaint town still on the small side but larger then Teshwave. With several amenities including of course the Inn of the Welcoming Wench. After a day of scaring the towns folk with stories of murder mayhem and highway robbery (I will defiantly have to talk to people about this). We settled in for the night. As for the townsfolk they were fairly forthcoming about what happened at the [[Temple of Garnoth\\ 23 years ago. Although the stories seemed to be slightly inconsistent, but as memories and tales go one can decipher what to expect. Very intriguing to say the least was finding a ‘temple’ to Silvanus. The caretaker (Jaruu) seemed a very well learned man a tune the ways of the forest and obviously well respected by his village peers. The information we gained from him regarding the temple, the moat house, and the village itself was very helpful. Still need to reel in Faylinn, she can be just a little too adventurous, and out going. Caution is a lesson she needs to learn. Rathmine was quite quite for the last few days….. Flashypants it seemed did a reconnaissance of the village and I will have to discuss what he has gleamed and found to be insightful.


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